Meet Roberto Alexandru: Personal Trainer & Bodybuilding Champion

When we started on our fitness journey a few months ago we joined the gym and religiously showed up to classes every morning, eyeing up the floor weights and machines as we walked past…we wondered if we would ever get the opportunity to give them a go!  

After a few weeks of training we decided to take the plunge and take on (or maybe it was him who took us on?!!) Personal Trainer, Roberto Alexandru…and through the sweat and pain the results paid off.

When we first met PT Roberto (towering above us at over 6ft and weighing 120kg), we felt more than a little (total honesty here girls) scared out of our weak minds!  But after a quick chat about what we were looking to achieve and our fitness goals, we relaxed as we could see we were in good hands (just one look at his pectoral muscles confirms he knows his stuff)!

Roberto specialises in helping women lose weight, tone up and get fitter than they’ve ever been before, we sat down together to find out a little more about Roberto and his passion for all things fitness…

Tell us about yourself? 

Hi, I’m Roberto originally from Romania I’ve been living in Dubai for almost two years.  I’ve been practising fitness and bodybuilding since the age of 14.  When I was young I was tall for my age, and I wasn’t happy with my overall look, so I got into bodybuilding to give me more confidence.  I also had inspiration because my father was a bodybuilder, not as good as me though (wink)!  

I hold the title of multiple overall champion in Bodybuilding with some more competitions coming up next year.  Fitness and bodybuilding is something I’m incredibly passionate about and plan to continue for as long as I can.

What advice can you give to women just starting out? 

My best advice is to be patient; change does not happen overnight stick to the plan and give yourself time, and after 8 to 12 weeks with perseverance, you will start to see changes.  It’s always a good idea to take before and after pictures, so you can see where and how your body is changing shape, in my experience, this is the best motivation of all.

What do you love about training women? 

I love that I can be a part of their changes, to see my clients motivated and grow in confidence because of my support in the gym.  The job can be challenging at times as I meet 8-10 clients every day, all with different problems and personalities but I’m there for them to challenge themselves and get the results they are after, if I can help my clients to achieve the body they want then this makes what I do all the worthwhile.

To be in with a chance of winning a 60-minute PT session with Roberto all you have to do is like and comment on our Instagram post tagging yourself…pre-warning ladies be prepared to sweat, a lot!

Drop Roberto a DM to discuss your personal training requirements on his Instagram page @roberto_alexandru

Or WhatsApp: 056 9359785

Gemma McKenzie


I moved to Dubai from Ireland around 10 years ago with my Scottish hubby and our baby boy, fast forward to now and that baby boy will be 12 this year and we've added a daughter into the mix... As the Co-Founder of SheDXB I get to hang out with my bestie every day and work alongside a fab bunch of girls exploring this incredible city we are lucky enough to call home. Gemma x

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