Chill Time: The Best Shows On Netflix

Dubai is the city that never sleeps and life can get hectic, sometimes we want nothing more than to curl up on the sofa and enjoy a good Netflix marathon.  There are so many shows to choose from we end up flicking through until we’re too exhausted to watch anything at all!

To save you the time and energy, we’ve picked out some of the best Netflix shows to watch now, all that’s left to do is grab the popcorn and get ready to binge girls!


The story is centered around financial advisor and family man Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) who uproots his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) and teenage kids from Chicago to the middle of the Missouri Ozarks, where he is forced to start the five-year task of laundering $500 million to appease a Mexican drug cartel after a money laundering scheme went wrong.

This series will have you gripped from start to finish, full of twists and turns leaving you wondering how Marty is going to get himself and his family out alive.

Season 2 has just been released, so that’s a good 20 hours couch time right there ladies!

The Staircase

Don’t you just love a good did they, didn’t they murder mystery?  Even more so when it’s a true story!

The Staircase follows the infamous case of novelist Michael Petersons conviction of the murder of his wife Kathleen after she was found lifeless at the bottom of the stairs, Peterson claims she fell to her death but the authorities aren’t convinced.

The show first aired in 2004 with 8 episodes documenting the murder trial, followed up with two more episodes in 2013 with a final instalment of this gripping true-life drama released recently.

The Magic Pill

Another one for the documentary fans, The Magic Pill tracks the story of doctors, chefs, scientists and farmers, who are all combatting illness through taking up the latest diet trend; ketogenic ‘Keto’ diet.

The film follows several individuals and families who are encouraged to swap out their usual diet and embrace a ketogenic lifestyle in the hopes it will heal their respective illnesses.

The question you’ll be left wondering, is there really one magic pill to cure everything?!


Starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone this series was always going to be amazing right?  Two complete strangers are enticed into trying a mysterious pharmaceutical trial having been promised there will be zero complications, no side effects whatsoever and somehow all of their problems will be permanently solved… let’s just say things don’t quite go to plan!

This is the kind of series where you could easily watch all 10 episodes in one sitting so get comfy and make sure you have plenty of snacks!


Coming to a Netflix screen near you this October is British thriller, Bodyguard.

David Budd (Richard Madden) a heroic, volatile and mentally scarred war veteran working as a Special Protection Officer is assigned to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) whose politics stand for everything Budd despises.

Watch to see him torn between his duty and beliefs.  Edge of your seat watching guaranteed!

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