The Dubai Apps We Simply Couldn’t Do Without!

Does it feel like your phone has become a genuine part of you? I honestly don’t know how my life would function without it, I use mine to run the house, kids school, social life and so on!

My iPhone is so full of apps downloaded over the years I’ve had to categorise them in files!  It’s time for a digital declutter…but, there are five or six Dubai apps we love and simply couldn’t do without, some we use daily and others have been our saviour in times of need!


When we first heard about this app, which delivers groceries to you from your nearest store within 60 minutes, we thought what a great idea!   But, as a busy mum with two hungry boys, I didn’t realise just how much I would come to rely on this service!  Instashop has saved the day when I have forgotten something in the supermarket, or the kids are hounding me for ice cream on movie night.


We couldn’t talk about apps without including the Entertainer, for those of you who use the Entertainer you will already know about the thousands of 2-4-1 offers you get on all kinds of restaurants, popular attractions, hotels and more…we actually plan our family outings around it saving us thousands of dirhams every year.

They currently have special offers on all their products including Fine Dine, Body, Fitness and Cheers.


Use your phone to organise your washing and dry cleaning. Honestly, this has saved me a ton of time driving around collecting dry cleaning.  The app is so user-friendly you simply select a 30 minute pick up/drop off time and they come to collect and take care of the rest, you can also fill their Wash Everything Bag for only AED 55.

Mr Usta

Helps you get things done in the home, from fixing stuff to home decoration, cleaning and pest control to car problems and even window tinting.  I used it to fix my broken iPhone screen, once I agreed on a price the guy was at my door and had my phone fixed within an hour…very happy customer!

Dubai Police

We love how the Dubai Police app connects us to a whole host of helpful services in a friendly way.  You can pay fines, report accidents, search for the nearest police station or hospital and ask any questions you have using their messenger.  It even has a drive mode to give you accident notifications so you can avoid traffic.


We’ve recently teamed up with these guys to try out their brand new app launching in Dubai this month.  As their name suggests if you hate waiting in line this is the app for you, use NoQ to order coffee and food items at your chosen cafe, tell them what time you want it and et voilà…its ready for collection.  If you’re mega busy they will come out and deliver right to your car, anything to make life easier right?!

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I've been living in Dubai for five years with my husband and two boys, packing up our stuff we made the move from our beautiful hometown in Cornwall, UK. I have an extensive background in travel and tourism which has led me to be the co-founder of SheDXB, and I hope to make life in the sandpit that little bit easier to navigate. After a hectic week, you'll find us enjoying lazy family days on Black Palace Beach! Emily x

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