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Do you find yourself in a cycle of yo-yo dieting?  Or reaching for the chocolate after a stressful day?  Going all in for the first week of your new diet only to see your hard efforts falling by the wayside and old habits creeping their way back in…yes, we’ve all been there girls!

The good news is there is an answer to this ladies, we recently met Fran a personal trainer and nutrition coach who explained to us that this, all too common, pattern is caused by a cycle of habit rather than lack of willpower and once you learn to recognise your own habit cycle you can work to change this FOREVER…making food choices rewarding rather than a constant battle in your head…this is what we LOVE to hear!

After having twins Fran found it difficult to lose the baby weight, even as a personal trainer, she started to see her own pattern of rewarding herself with sugary treats when she felt tired or stressed and being a new mum this was pretty much unavoidable!  Fran confesses ‘I have been there, the fad diet queen and really struggled with not only weight issues but also a major loss of my self-esteem after the birth of my twins’.

Through her programme, she learned to recognise when she felt stressed and replaced her go-to unhealthy treat with a peppermint tea and a simple 5 minutes to herself, over time this became her new habit…sounds simple right but it takes time and commitment to make a new habit stick.

Fran’s hugely popular habit based group nutrition programmes work on purposely replacing old habits with new, tailored to each individual’s personal habits and lifestyle…get ready to be honest with yourself girls because it’s the only way to break those bad habits for good! And in our city that’s full of temptation having the tools to make good choices is so important.

Fran says ‘I love helping women transform their bodies, getting into the clothes they want to wear and seeing them get their zest back.  Women I have coached list so many more benefits beyond weight loss…increased energy, better skin, better posture, enjoying food more and confidence to live life to the fullest.’

Fran’s brilliant courses offer a long-term, sustainable solution to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and losing weight, there are no quick fixes here but imagine living your life FREE of the constant guilt or going on diet after diet never achieving the results you want, the best part is Frans programmes are done in small groups, she knows having a social support network is the key to success.

Her next online course starts soon, spaces are limited and the courses only run 3 times a year so contact Fran (details below) to find out if you are suitable to join the next course, you could soon be on your journey to a lighter, happier new you…

Fran’s offering She Wants girls a FREE consultation, you can contact her here

Email fran@frantasticlife.com

Telephone 0502884750


Image Credits: Frantastic Life

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