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Do you ever get to Saturday and think what the heck am I cooking this week?  Meal planning is great when you have the time, but what about those moments when you’ve been non-stop and food prep is the furthest thing from your busy mind, a simple question like ‘what’s for dinner?’ can almost tip you over the edge!

We were intrigued when we heard about Dinnertime…a simple, easy and cost-effective way to take the hassle out of cooking, all the things we love to hear…

What is DinnerTime?

DinnerTime is a super convenient way to cook healthy and nutritious food for the whole family, the dinners are carefully planned for you and delivered to your door complete with hand-selected, fresh ingredients and a simple recipe to follow.

What we loved about this is the variety of meals it offers, you will never be bored with the same old food again as the team at DinnerTime expertly create new recipes every week.  The kids really enjoyed getting involved and cooking up new and exciting dishes they’d never tried before.

Believe it or not, cooking the DinnerTime meals actually felt less like a chore, our time in the kitchen was more fun and inspiring using ingredients we would usually pass by on the shelves…cooking with Asian rice noodles was a first in our house and the fam wolfed them down…SUCCESS!  And we still had three nights left to go!

Overall this was super convenient, easy, fun and the most important thing is DinnerTime got a big thumbs up from the fussiest of foodies…the kiddos!

How it works…

It’s so simple, you place your order online, and then DinnerTime go and do the shopping for you.  Saving hours of precious time that we could sooo be putting to good use with much more important tasks like getting our hair done, having a facial or taming our (long overdue) brows!

We really loved how flexible DinnerTime are, if you’re having ‘one of those weeks’ you’ll save time instantly by going for the single box delivery which includes complete meals and recipes for 4 nights or they offer a brilliant weekly subscription…just think you will never have to aimlessly wander around the aisles again ladies.

The hand-selected, fresh items are delivered to your door ready for you to get cooking!

Price for a standard box for four people for four nights starts at AED 462…no wastage, no piling the trolley with things you don’t need, and the best part is delivery is completely FREE.


You can try it for yourself because DinnerTime is giving away one weeks food box and recipes to our followers…like and share the post for your chance to win,  this will save you a ton on the weekly shop and your sanity for the week girls, now about those brows!

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