Never Lose Your Stuff Again With A Tile!

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Where’s my keys?  Where’s my phone?  Do you ever have ‘one of those days’ where you can’t find your stuff?  We came across this nifty device Tile and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

One of these little Bluetooth trackers means that gut-wrenching moment when you’re running late for work or the school run and can’t locate your keys, or anything else for that matter, will become a thing of past!

The Tile (recently launched in the UAE) is a small device you can attach to your keys and connect to an app on your phone.  The two are synced so you can locate your keys from your phone and your phone from your keys by triggering an alarm – voila, small missing item found!  What if you lose them both at the same time?  Then it has a tracker so you can login to any device and track your stuff down – genius!

The Tile is so tiny you can attach it to anything – purse, bag…kids!!!

The latest Pro Series has been given a style makeover and we love how cute it looks dangling from our keyring!  If you have a girlfriend who is notorious for losing her things then head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win two x @shewantsdubai

Tile starts at AED 115 or Pro Series AED 165

Available  Virgin Megastore,, &

Image Credits: Tile

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I've been living in Dubai for five years with my husband and two boys, packing up our stuff we made the move from our beautiful hometown in Cornwall, UK. I have an extensive background in travel and tourism which has led me to be the co-founder of SheDXB, and I hope to make life in the sandpit that little bit easier to navigate. After a hectic week, you'll find us enjoying lazy family days on Black Palace Beach! Emily x

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