Banish Cravings With 5 Juice Cleanse Plans Delivered To Your Door

If you’re looking to banish unhealthy cravings and reset your diet, a short juice cleanse might be exactly what you need.

Juice cleansing gives the digestive system a break and a boost of nutrients to recover, a positive effect of the cleanse is a boost of energy and weight loss with a reduction in appetite and cravings for unhealthy food – we completed a 5-day program last week and felt so much better afterwards!

The secret of juicing is in all those phytonutrients provided by raw cold-pressed juices which alkalize and hydrate.

There are several juicing companies in Dubai offering convenient juicing plans delivered to your door, but for a newbie to juicing it can be slightly overwhelming to choose the right one for you, so we asked five popular juice cleansing companies in Dubai about their beginners’ programs and here’s what they had to say…


One of the first cold press juice delivery companies in the region Essentially has been providing juice cleanse programmes in Dubai for four years.

The beginner’s package Revitalization is the tastiest they offer as it covers a wide variety of flavours.  A daily supply of six, 16 fl. oz. (473ml) beverages are delivered to your home at a convenient time.  The juices come labelled in order from one to six in resealable, recyclable plastic containers. They use only organic, mostly locally sourced produce.

Each juice is designed to replace solid foods and snacks, and as in all juice cleanses it’s important to wave goodbye to alcohol, energy drinks, caffeine, and nicotine.  A dedicated customer happiness manager proactively supports customers to monitor the level of satisfaction and help with advice anytime it’s needed.

juice Cleanse Dubai

Go Organic

Launched five years ago, GoOrganic offers four levels of juice cleansing.  You can choose between Refresh Cleanse for beginners, or one of the more advanced cleanses like the Ayurvedic which is based on 5000-year-old principles of Ayurveda with exotic ingredients sourced for the cleanse.  All of their juices are low in glycemic and sugar levels and the organic produce used comes from GoOrganic farms located only 30 minutes from the juicery.

Their philosophy is to create a community of like-minded individuals who care for health and work towards caring for the society and changing the world.  Soon to be launching a range of raw food to go with the juice plan.

The programme includes six cold press juices per day, and they take all the bottles back to be recycled.

juice cleanse Dubai
Go Organic

Kold Press Juice Kompany

Kold Press Juice Kompany is one of the newest juicing companies in Dubai, providing juices for just over a year now they specialise in glass bottled cold-pressed juices using a state of the art slow-hydraulic press from California to extract as many vital nutrients as possible.

Their juicing system does not produce or use any heat in the extraction process or allow high volumes of oxidation.  So, they can retain up to 5x the nutrients, vitamins and enzymes of a usual store-bought juice also adding in superfoods like spirulina, goji and more.

All Kold Press juice cleanse programmes are bespoke because there philosophy is no two bodies are alike.  The programmes use an in-house registered dietician, health coach or doctor who works with you to produce a program for your sole purpose.

You get 6 x 440ml juices per day; all glass bottles are recycled.

Juice Cleanse Dubai
Kold Press Juice Kompany

Organic Press

Organic Press’ core values are to provide a healthy form of juice drinks for everyone.  The company began with two brothers who are passionate about health, so they started the Organic Press specialising in cold-pressed juices.

The Beginner cleanse of 6 bottles a day is perfectly balanced for customers starting out on a juice cleanse for the first time.  It’s balanced in such a way that you have a combination of both green and fruit juices to keep you going throughout the day and finally a filling almond milk to end the day.

Organic Press is a locally grown company that supports other local companies within the region; they deliver on a daily basis using the freshest organic produce sourced from their local suppliers and are always on hand for customers if they have any questions.

Juice Cleanse Dubai
Organic Press

The Raw Place

The Raw Place is the premier organic, plant-based grab & go retailer providing fresh meals and cold pressed juices. On the UAE market for four years, their products are made in-house, using the finest organic produce and absolutely no additives.

Their juice plans will help your body shed toxins and excess weight. You will replace your meals, all solid foods, and caffeinated drinks with five delicious organic, cold pressed juices and one smooth non-dairy milk or soup of your choice as a replacement for your dinner.

They offer three cleanse programs, and their hydraulic cold press method of juice extraction provides a minimum mixing of air with juices, resulting in very slow oxidation or decomposition.

Juice Cleanse Dubai
The Raw Place

Image Credits: Lead – FB Go Organic, Image 1 – FB Essentially, Image 2 – FB Go Organic, Image 3 – SheDXB, Image 4 – FB Organic Press, Image 5 – FB The Raw Place

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