Why We’re Obsessed With Our Fitbit

Imagine having your own personal trainer 24/7.  Someone monitoring your fitness and giving you the nudge to maximize your potential!…

This only happens if you’re Kim Kardashian right?  …Well kind of…  I’m actually talking more along the lines of soft tech brand, Fit Bit.

These gadgets make some pretty big claims, so we wanted to put them through their paces and give you the inside scoop on how they fared!

Anyone who regularly trains is likely to have heard of these devices but you don’t have to be a sports fanatic to reap the benefits of using them.

Without trying to sound too techy, the wristbands come with in-built Pure Pulse heart rate technology, to provide you with continuous heart rate tracking and are pretty aesthetically pleasing too!

The band is made out of comfortable rubber with a sleek integrated screen.  They come in two sizes and a range of cool colours.  I chose grey in the smaller size (I have quite thin wrists…which is about the only part of me!) because it basically goes with anything I wear when I’m not in the gym.

The Alta HR, which essentially looks like a futuristic timepiece, informs you of the number of calories you’ve burned whilst you are active and helps you regulate the intensity of your work out, making your fitness goals even more attainable.

Well-being isn’t just about exercise though… your sleep plays a critical part in your overall health too, protecting you against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity and helps boost your neurocognitive functions aiding your mental health, which is pretty darn cool if you ask me….

Here’s where things start to get really interesting though….The inbuilt heart rate technology monitors your sleep patterns and tells you what’s going on when you’re off chasing sheep in the land of nod.

It accurately estimates how long you’ve spent in light, deep and REM sleep, as well as the time you’ve spent awake each night.

Fit Bit have worked tirelessly (excuse the pun) with sleep specialists over at Stanford and Arizona Universities to report on all the different stages of sleep and have figured out the effects this has on the body…

Being a secret geek I actually quite liked learning this…

Light Sleep – occurs throughout the night and is important for your memory and learning.  This is basically the time when your body recovers from the day-to-day and for most people that’s up to 50-60% of your night.

Deep Sleep – promotes a healthy immune system, muscle growth and repair but unfortunately for most people, this only accounts for 10-25% of your night.

REM Sleep –  is when most dreaming occurs and is important for mental recovery and memory formation; for most people that accounts for 20-25% of your night.

Most REM sleep comes at the end of the night and is often the stage to be cut short when your sleep duration decreases.

Everyone has their own unique sleep cycles and by monitoring any changes and being aware of what’s happening during the night has helped me make the changes I needed in my routine.

So, if you’ve ever woken up in the morning and thought, why the hell am I so tired today?  Now you’ll know the answer!

The thing we loved about our Fit Bit is all of your data is recorded in a simple app on your phone or computer, in real time so you can keep track of your daily health goals.

We were really impressed by how easy the app displayed data which includes steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, active minutes.  As well as this you can see your sleep habits and set personal goals even adding food and water intake if you really get into it.

You’re not on your own with your quest for optimal health either because the social aspect is a big part of their philosophy, social feeds allow you to connect with friends and fitness activities going on around the world.

For anyone who is aware of Kayla’s Bikini Body app or The Body Coach who offer online fitness training, the Fit Bit also includes its much loved inbuilt personal trainer Fitstar.

So in summary, the Fit Bit is way more than simply an activity tracker and being made aware of my own daily health and fitness levels has been a real eye-opener.  I have actually become a little competitive making statements like  “I’ve done more steps than you” and “look how many times I was awake last night” Cringe but it’s true.  It gets quite addictive!

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Emily Franklin


I've been living in Dubai for five years with my husband and two boys, packing up our stuff we made the move from our beautiful hometown in Cornwall, UK. I have an extensive background in travel and tourism which has led me to be the co-founder of SheDXB, and I hope to make life in the sandpit that little bit easier to navigate. After a hectic week, you'll find us enjoying lazy family days on Black Palace Beach! Emily x

  1. Great post! I’ve been a Fitbit Surge user for over 2 years now, and I totally agree! It gets way too competitive and addictive at times ? I’ve actually gifted both my parents with Fitbit ( Alta & Blaze ) and we always like to compare our progress at the end of each day ?

    The only thing I wanted to ask about re. the Alta HR is if it counts cycling as a workout? Being a surge user, I noticed major differences in features. The issues I had with my mum’s Alta is:
    1. No HR reading.
    2. No tracking of the flights of stairs climbed
    3. Some workouts – ex. cycling are not auto detected as a workout and therefore not counted in the number of steps or workout minutes

    Although the Surge has all those features it is very, very bulky and not aesthetically pleasing unlike the Altas. Either way, Looking forward to your competition. Hopefully I get to upgrade from my surge soon ?

    1. Hi Yusra

      Thanks for your comment, yes agreed we have been using the Alta ourselves for sometime now and found this version to be much more in depth when it comes to tracking different types of exercise, I have been in touch with Fit Bit Middle East to ask your question and they tell me that much of the data is taken from the Heart Rate monitor so it will track all sorts of changes in your activity including cycling and yoga.
      They also said if you would like to contact them direct with any questions they will happily respond on their social media pages @Fitbitme.

      Have a great day!


    2. Hello Yusra,

      You can learn more about the Alta HR here: https://www.fitbit.com/altahr. With the SmartTrackAuto Exercise Recognition the Alta HR will count cycling as a workout. The Alta HR is the might be the best device for you as it is the slimmest wristband with continuous heart rate. Hopefully this answered your questions regarding the Alta HR.

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